Course curriculum

    1. Introduction and How to use this course

    2. Introduction Worksheet

    1. What is a brand?

    2. Building a Brand

    3. The Challenges of Branding Art and Culture

    4. Module 1 Worksheet

    5. Module 1 Slides

    1. Understanding your needs for a website

    2. Low code and no code websites

    3. Accepting Payments via website

    4. Demo Video: Setting up a store in

    5. Module 2 Worksheet

    6. Module 2 Slides

    1. Understanding Facebook and Instagram Advertising

    2. Growing Through Advertising

    3. Diversifying your Marketing - Beyond Advertising

    4. Module 3 Worksheet

    5. Module 3 Slides

    1. The Importance of Registration

    2. Sole Proprietorship

    3. Corporate Structures

    4. Module 4 Worksheet

    5. Module 4 Slides

    1. Introduction and Startup Types

    2. Readiness for Equity Funding

    3. Sources of Funding for Startups

    4. Types of Funding for Startups

    5. Creating an Investor Pitch Deck

    6. Probability of Getting Funded

    7. Module 5 Worksheet

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